Orbital Department

The Orbital Department is involved in the management of the following disorders:

Thyroid eye disease/exophthalmos: During the active phase of the disease medical treatment with corticosteroids or immunosuppressive drugs and/or radiation therapy may be offered to such patients, while during the inactive phase rehabilitation of the thyroid eye disease is the rule. This includes orbital decompression using the most modern minimally invasive techniques, strabismus surgery if appropriate, and eyelid surgery to correct their height and appearance.

Orbital tumors and inflammations: Several neoplasms but also inflammatory syndromes may affect the orbit and pose serious problems in vision. The management of such conditions requires great experience. In certain cases treatment is undertaken from a specialized surgical team that may include, apart from the orbital surgeon, an otolaryngologist or neurosurgeon.

Orbital fractures/trauma: The most modern techniques of surgical rehabilitation are used.