Thyroid Eye Disease Department

Athens Eye Hospital provides the innovative, advanced,  multidisciplinary care that is essential for patients experiencing the
multiple symptoms and effects of Thyroid Eye Disease.

Our team of specialists includes an orbital surgeon, strabismus surgeon, neuro-ophthalmologist, and orthoptist who are expert and experienced in  the unique needs of patients with Thyroid Eye Disease.

Our staff will coordinate appointments with your endocrinologist, as well as any other specialist you need to see.



  • Orbital decompression – removal of orbital fat and reshaping of the orbital  walls to reduce bulging of the eyes associated with thyroid eye disease
  • Strabismus surgery – repositioning of the eyes to reduce and/or eliminate double vision associated with thyroid eye disease
  • Eyelid surgery – repositioning of the eyelid to improve appearance and reduce  dryness of the eyes associated with thyroid eye disease