We protect the most precious sense of all…your eyesight.

In Athens Eye Hospital, healthcare provided by internationally renowned doctors in conjunction with continuous research efforts build the foundation for contemporaneous evidence-based medicine in our everyday practice.

Joint efforts are made to successfully treat a number of pathologies, such as diabetic retinopathy, degenerative maculopathy, chronic glaucoma, and infantile cataract via partnership of twelve ophthalmology sub-specialties, basic science, and additional support by collaborative academic centres and colleagues from other specialties.

In Athens Eye Hospital, we abide by the principles of translational research and dedicate time to responsibly integrate key research findings with our practice, with the ultimate aim of patient care optimisation. 

We believe in holistic patient-centered approach, as per Hippocrates’ model of medicine, whereby the patient and not the disease is treated. Thus, all patient needs are taken into consideration instead of restricting our care to eye health and vision problems.

Applicable and reliable techniques for treatment of diseases which cause permanent loss of eye-sight include the implantation of special lenses in young children (congenital cataract, bag - in - the lens concept), glaucoma microsurgery (canaloplasty, ab interno trabectome), retinal microsurgery especially for degenerative maculopathy, the use of brachytherapy and internal excision of choroidal tumours, and partial corneal transplantation combined with keratoprostheses and artifical cornea.

Our mission is to provide the best possible care to those who truly need it.
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166 75, Glyfada