Mission of the Research Department of Athens Eye Hospital is the dissemination of knowledge in Ophthalmology, the progress of medical 

science with innovative research, continuing education of ophthalmologists and authoritative and comprehensive information of patients and the public.

Head of the Research Department of Athens Eye Hospital is Dr. Harilaos Ginis

The research lines of the department address the following objectives:

  •    Evaluation and improving image quality in cataract and refractive surgery
  •    Development of novel treatments for patients with optically impaired image quality such as in keratoconus  
  •    Development of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities associated to vitreo-retinal surgery. Evaluation of existing and novel mechanisms of neural stimulation of the retina.

  The activities of the Research department are supported by dedicated  facilities including an optics laboratory developing Adaptive Optics  applications for ophthalmology and vision science. 

The  Research Department assists the Hospital in its broader scientific and  social mission by using all available media in order to present in a  direct, understandable and attractive way all developments in the field  of Ophthalmology and to raise public awareness on the prevention and  treatment of serious problems related to eye health.