How is the surgery performed?


Nowadays, cataract is removed using the ultrasound phacoemulsification and laser photolysis technique. Through a small incision of 2-3 mm and with the help of probe that emits ultrasound or laser the cataract lens is broken up and simultaneously aspirated. Lastly, an artificial intraocular lens is inserted, which is permanent. The procedure ends without the need for sutures and vision is restored immediately.

Nowadays hospitalization is no longer required. The patient goes home immediately after surgery, and returns to daily activities the very next day. The patient's vision is improved after surgery and gets even better over the next days. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia using eye drops and the patient leaves the operating room without a protective gauze.

The lens which is placed inside the eye is able to correct myopia or hyperopia, if this existed before surgery, thus, there not being a need for glasses after surgery. A small percentage of patients require a minor correction with glasses for certain activities (driving, television). The approach to postoperative correction is discussed with the surgeon in order to meet the patient's demands and needs.