Athens Eye

Unique Ophthalmology Clinic with the most up-to-date infrastructure and services in Greece and Southeast Europe.

The Clinic
Excellence in ophthalmology

With respect & dedication to human beings, with a genuine & cutting-edge scientific approach, we put science & technology at the service of human health & quality of life daily.


For Patients
Priority on people

Innovative modern technologies as well as top scientific staff enable us to develop innovative methods for dealing with even the most difficult ophthalmological incidents.


Molecular Test for SARS-COV-2
in the specialized laboratory

Athens Eye Hospital has a molecular biology technique within its specialized laboratory in which safe molecular diagnosis is performed with RT-PCR technique.


Athens Eye Hospital
Excellence in ophthalmology

The scientific team of AEH.

Specialized ophthalmologists working with a team of ophthalmologists, ophthalmologists, specialist in ophthalmology nurses, all together defend the divine gift of vision.