How to correctly diagnose a Dry Eye?

The "Center of Lid Margin and Dry Eye" (housed in the Athens Eye Hospital) offers a complete diagnostic for people suffering from dry eye symptoms. The goal we have, is to determine the exact cause of your symptoms, for individual treatment. This can be achieved with a special examination of the ocular surface, the tearfilm and the eyelids. The diagnostic area is based on international guidelines and provides the highest international standards.

Diagnose overview at the "Dry Eye clinic":

  • Screening
  • Visual accuracy
  • Ocular surface / anterior segment analysis
  • Consulting


If needed:

  • Specialized anamnesis including questionnaire
  • Cornea sensiblity
  • Staining ocular surface
  • Schirmer test
  • Interferometry / Meibography
  • Biochemical diagnostics