Athens Eye Hospital has a special department with B-Scan and UBM Ultrasound B-Scan Ultrasound

B-Scan Ultrasound

Ocular ultrasound for imaging of the posterior segment of the eye. when the refractive mediums (cornea, lens and vitreous) are not clear. For example, by ocular trauma, vitreous haemorrhage or dense cataract.
With the B-Scan Ultrasound there is also the possibility to measure the width of the external muscles of the eye by patients with thyroid diseases.


UBM Sonomed

Ocular ultrasound of the anterior part of the eye for eco imaging of the ciliary body, the iris, the angle of the eye, the anterior chamber and less the cornea. Is used for the imaging of some types of glaucoma (narrow angle glaucoma, plateau iris, tumors of the iris and the ciliary body.