Athens Eye Network

International network of Athens Eye Network collaborators

In collaboration with other foreign ophthalmological centers, the Athens Eye Hospital created the Athens Eye Network, an international network offering medical services with its primary objectives being high quality patient care and the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

With modern tele-medicine infrastructure and a special teleconferencing room, the doctors at Athens Eye Hospital provide medical advice and support, participate in international work and clinical trials, while they are also able to relay real-time surgery interventions for educational purposes.

In 2013 we responded to the needs of the patients from the west side of Attica, thus we developed a comprehensive ophthalmological unit called Athens Eye - West Attica Center.

In the new unit the modern-advanced technology supports the following specialized departments:

    Diabetic retinopathy and macular diseases
    Strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology
    Refractive surgery

Our basic principle is the model of holistic management of the patient in accordance to the Hippocratic dogma. Thus, all patients’ needs are taken into account instead of restricting our care to eye health and vision problems. We abide by the principles of translational research and dedicate time to responsibly integrate key research findings with our practice, with ultimate aim the optimization of patient care.

Similar to the Athens Eye Hospital, the new unit was established by eye doctors with the hope to fulfill the expectations of the patients.

Athens Eye
West Attica Center

Thivon Avenue 155
12134 Peristeri

Tel.  210 5717711 /  5717712 ,  Fax  210 5717713