The role of optical properties of the ocular fundus in measurement error

In optical measurements if the eye, often diagnostic instruments utilise beams of light that after reflection fron the ocular fundus return to the device for analysis. On the basis of the spatial and temporal analysis of the light returning from the fundus the devices can quantify the optical imperfections of the optical system of the eye.

An important source of error in all these methods is associated to diffusion of light in the fundus that results to a non ideal reflection but a reflection that is diffuse axially (in depth) and transversely.
Athens Eye Hospital in collaboration with the Laboratorio de Optica developed a mathematical method and computational models for the quantification of these errors. The results of this work are directly related to the future improvement of many devices that are used in the clinical practice.

This work was published in the journal “Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics.”

Christaras, D., Ginis, H., Pennos, A., & Artal, P. (2017). Scattering contribution to the double‐pass PSF using Monte Carlo simulations. Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics, 37(3), 342-346.

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