8. Is there a quality difference among various intraocular lenses?

The artificial intraocular lens, which will be inserted to replace the opaque natural lens, is manufactured to remain inside the eye, for the rest of a patient’s eye.
In terms of quality, all intraocular lenses used in Greece, are considered to be of satisfactory quality.

A large number of them come from Asiatic countries, such as India, are quite reliably manufactured using proper materials and have sophisticated design. This type of intraocular lens is widely used in eastern countries, Turkey, as well as in some Greek state hospitals, due to their low cost.

But the lenses manufactured by major European and American companies, though a bit more expensive, are superior to the Asiatic ones, due to their upgraded materials and better polish.

Athens Eye Hospital exclusively uses lenses of European or American manufacturers; companies such as Alcon, AMO and Bausch + Lomb that are the leading companies in the field.

 The long experience of these companies, guarantees their high quality standards and therefore they are preferred by doctors of our hospital, as the best and safest option for their patients.