On the day of procedure, you should be possible as rested and relaxed as possible and you should estimate that the entire procedure will take around 2-3 hours. On many occasions, the preoperative or additional tests are carried out on the same day of and prior to the laser correction procedure.

You should be dressed comfortably and have had a light meal beforehand. Do not use perfume or makeup. A sedative is given prior to the laser procedure for greater relaxation. The head of surgery will you prepare you by giving you a surgical robe, shoe covers, a cap and mask. Anesthetic eye drops and antibiotics are placed in the eyes.

You will then enter the operating theater and lie on a special bed under the laser, where you will be prompted to focus on specific lights. Your cooperation is essential, especially with concerns to not moving your head, or eyes.

Eyelid clamps keep the eyelids open. There is absolutely no pain, but a sense of pressure may be felt. The laser lasts a few seconds. There is always communication with the surgeon.

Immediately after surgery your vision will be slightly blurry, as if your glasses are steamed up. We will experience a foreign body sensation. You will be given instruction, protective eye pads and eye drops as treatment and then you are free to leave. Sunglasses are always very helpful after surgery.