Athens Eye Hospital at the International Congress in Serbia


  The scientific team of Athens Eye Hospital represented by Dr Charambos Rallatos MD, Dr Panayiotis Zafirakis MD and Dr Gerasimos Rallatos MD attended as main speakers at the International Congress whitch was organized at the Maja Clinic in Serbia.

  Dr Charambos Rallatos MD gave a thorough and comprehensive lecture on the management of subretinal hemorrhages giving great emphasis on surgical management technics.

  Dr Panayiotis Zafirakis MD gave a detailed presentation on the surgical management of severe conditions and deseases affecting the ocular surface including ocular cicatricial ophthalmic Pemphygoid, corneal burns ect and severe trauma of the corneal surface and corneal transplants. He also emphasized the technic of keratoprosthesis.

  Dr Gerasimos Rallatos MD gave a comprehensive and detailed  lecture  in the management of cataracts in children emphasizing the use of "bag in lens" type intraocular lens for the restoration of childhood aphakia.