Athens Eye Hospital is expanding

Athens Eye Hospital is expanding...

New facilities. New Departments. 

Department of Intraocular lences.

Purpose: Design, optimisation and laboratory testing of Intraocular lenses

The research department of Athens Eye Hospital has developed experimental setups with geometric similarity to the human eye, capable of testing intraocular lenses in realistic conditions.

The extensive experience of the research team in optical measurements and in particular in the evaluation of glare phenomena in vision led to the design of specific in-vitro optical tests in association with the design of premium and novel intraocular lenses.

In particular, the tests include the quantification of glare phenomena, the measurement of straylight and the investigation of elusive phenomena such as negative dysphotopsia. In addition, the impact of aberrations in the periphery of the visual field is directly visualized for the first time.

This new research line is has received support from the industry as major IOL manufacturers are collaborating with Athens eye Hospital as a research facility for the improvement of their intraocular lens design.

In this manner, Athens Eye Hospital contributes to the design and optimisation of the next generation of intraocular lenses.


Endoptic straylight effect related to the edge of the intraocular lens at the presence of a glare source.


Image quality in the periphery of the visual field (0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 degrees)