It is clear that in children with congenital or any other form of developmental cataract, the only intraocular lens successfully treating their problem with the fewest possible complications, is the Tassignon lens.

It is now clear that in cases of children with congenital or developmental cataract, the only form of inner IOL which faces successfully the problem and with the fewest possible complications is lens Tassignon.

During the intervention of cataract there is an anterior and posterior rupture as shown in the following figures (1, 2) and the lens is mounted on the lens capsule sac and not within the bag so far made. This lens ensures the following advantages:

1.Better vision quality.

2.Low rates of posterior lens capsule clouding.

3. Treatment of the main problem of the glaucoma after cataract surgery in childhood. The probability of glaucoma and postoperative inflammation being the main complications of surgery in pediatric cataract is reduced to almost zero .

4.Easy exchange of intraocular lenses in life due to refractive development (if the child later in life has a high myopia is easy to exchange the IOL and place another with a different value).

The concept of support for the IOL lens capsule and not the lens capsule was launched from cataract surgery in adults. (Bag in the lens concept) Fig.1 & 2.

The lens has been applied to adults for a period of over a decade with excellent results and is now considered the ideal form for the selected IOL cataract forms in adults. The advantage of Athens Eye Hospital is that the experience of 10,000 cataracts annually has made it the only center in the country that offers expert surgeons needed for this lens implantation in children.

It is noted that the lens can be placed even in infants or children with inflammatory forms of cataract. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and the small patient returns home the same day.


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