Maria Kouri was born in London-UK but she graduated from Athens College in Greece. After successful exams she was accepted at the medical school of the Martin Luther University in Halle Germany. During her medical student years she obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine by completing her dissertation about the peripheral occlusive arterial disease in elderly patients.

At 2008 she started her specialization at the ophthalmology clinic of the University of Leipzig in Germany and completed her specialization at the University hospital Helios in Berlin under P.D. Dr. med. J. Kuchenbecker. She stayed for 1 more year at the same clinic where she was specialized at the retina diseases, their diagnosis via OCT and angiography and their treatment via Laser and intraocular injections.

At the period 2014/2015 she specialized at the glaucoma disease, its early diagnosis and treatment under Professor Carl Erb at the “Eyeclinic am Wittenbergplatz” in Berlin. At the same time she was trained under Dr. Th.Pahlitzsch at refractive surgery and the cataract surgery. She has participated over the years in many german and international congresses. She speaks English and German.