Our priority is the patient

The Athens Eye Hospital has a total of 30 ultra modern laboratories equipped with the latest machinery for the prevention and diagnosis of eye diseases.

The laboratories were designed and organized with the provision of the best possible patient care, as well as their fastest service in mind.

All the laboratories are connected with the most advanced computer system network worldwide, and the measurement and test results are collected and automatically stored in the patient's electronic folder.

Each eye examination begins with history taking and measurement of visual acuity and intraocular pressure by the clinic's highly qualified personnel. Then, depending on the patient's problem, diagnostic tests are carried out, and once all the results are available, the experienced and distinguished ophthalmologist at the Athens Eye Hospital, arrive at the final diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Special mention must be made on the Eyemaginations TM, educational system and patient education, which is installed in outpatient clinics. This is a series of high-quality images and 3D animations that briefly and clearly describe all major ophthalmological diseases. Thus, patients can better understand the disease from which they suffer, recognize early symptoms, or any deterioration and substantially discuss available treatment options with their doctor.