High technology, in the most experienced hands

On the third floor of the Athens Eye Hospital there are 6 operating rooms ready to handle even the most difficult and specialized ophthalmic surgical cases.

Cataract, strabismus, retina, vitreous, glaucoma, eyelid, lacrimal apparatus, ocular oncology and keratoplasty surgery are just some of the procedures that can take place in the clinic's ultra modern operating rooms.

Emphasis has been placed on antiseptic conditions, with the latest surgical instruments sterilizing machines and more stringent international sanitary requirements being implemented for the prevention and avoidance of infections or other complications. In addition, all the operating room walls and surfaces have been covered with Corian®, a material that is well-known for its unique antimicrobial properties, and for its high aesthetic, which pleasantly predisposes patients, escaping from the usual "cold" hospital environment.

All the operating rooms are connected via the network with the clinic's central database, thereby ensuring rapid transmission of patient's measurement and testing results to the surgeon, without human intervention, thereby nullifying the slightest margin of error.

Each procedure is videotaped with high-resolution digital cameras, which are embedded in all surgical microscopes, and videotaped material is automatically stored in the patient's electronic folder, available to be used as reference material or for any educational or other scientific purposes.

Refractive Surgery Room

The 7th operating room at the Athens Eye Hospital is reserved for refractive surgery procedures. Equipped with the most advanced Excimer Laser in the world at this moment, it guarantees painless procedures, rapid recovery and excellent results.

The theater is surrounded by independent laboratories for immediate postoperative patient monitoring, and there is a separate one day clinic and independent waiting room.

The relaxed, friendly and pleasant environment encourages the patients, who will undergo refractive surgery, to relax and inspires them with confidence, as the medical and nursing staff are constantly present, always willing to guide and inform patients and attendants, and respond to any queries.