Although the high-level of organization at the Athens Eye Hospital minimizes the patients' waiting time, each clinic level comprise of perfectly designed waiting areas.

On the ground floor, where the outpatient clinics and most of the laboratories are located, patients and their escorts enjoy their stay in a comfortable, modern and pleasant environment, whilst simultaneously viewing the educational videos being shown on the high-resolution screens.

On the second floor is the main lounge of the Athens Eye Hospital. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the patients' relatives and friends can wait for their loved ones, while they are in surgery or undergoing examinations, whilst enjoying refreshments that are provided free of charge by the clinic.

In the pediatric ophthalmology department, young patients are able to play or paint in a specially designed play area until it is time for their examination. Thus, the usual fear of a medical examination turns into a pleasant and creative experience.

Particular care has been taken at each point of the clinic to facilitate people with disabilities and the elderly.

The clinic's public areas are characterized by functionality, pleasant decor, ample lighting and ideal ventilation and temperature. The public toilets have faucets and flush flow controlled toilet bowls, triggered by sensors, contributing both to water savings and the maintenance of excellent sanitary conditions.