There is no best or worse technique. Ultimately, the results are equivalent. The surgeon selects the technique depending on the candidate's profile and needs, but mainly by the parameters of the eye and always with the patient's safety in mind.

Generally, when the eye permits, LASIK is preferred because it has a very quick recovery of vision and zero post operative discomfort. However, it is a combination of microsurgery (flap creation) and laser and this is more than likely associated with complications. Conversely, PRK has a less surgical technique, but visual restoration is more gradual and postoperative discomfort lasts 2-3 days.

The pre-operative examinations are a very important part of the procedure for the selection of the appropriate technique. A thin cornea that does not permit the creation of a flap is a key criterion. Also, topographical maps with disproportions can also be a criterion for selecting PRK instead of LASIK. The final choice is always discussed with the candidate and is selected by the ophthalmologist.